Meet Our ChocolaTEAM


Polly is our fearless leader! A former nurse, she has owned ChocolaTea for nearly ten years and also owns The Pantry on Tap, a gourmet food store specializing in oil and vinegar. Polly is a proud mom and grandmother who loves a great cuppa tea!


I'm planning to study Music Therapy, I was born on New Year's Day, and I collect socks with animals on them!

Favorite ChocolaTea drink: Toddy with Soymilk, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate


I am a proud Momma of two! Just got back from a lovely several week long vacation in Hawaii, I love beaches.  Favorite Chocolatea Drink: Cherry Cheesecake Latte!


Juliana is our marketing guru and a CMU graduate. Her favorite drink is a light peach boba, made with a mix of Bangkok and Peachy Keen green teas, coconut milk, and tapioca pearls with passionfruit poppers. 


Jackson loves all things boba and Spider-Man! This makes him our superhero at ChocolaTea. While you're more likely to see him at The Pantry- every once in a while you'll catch a glimpse of him here with us, saving the day. 


Kendall is the newest member of the ChocolaTEAM. She LOVES taro boba, hot and iced. She's a fast learner and she's great with all of our customers. 

Future Baristas

Emma, Parker, Elliot and Kenzie are sure to be top notch Baristas. You may see them running round the store helping their Guppy and Grandpa.

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I've been with Chocolatea since the beginning! I am a huge tea advocate and dessert addict. I have two little boys who love to run around the store. Recent WMU graduate. Favorite Chocolatea Drink: Hot Kukicha 


I know American Sign Language, go to school at KVCC and love trying out new hair colors! Favorite Chocolatea Drink: Avocado Boba Tea.

Emma Grace

Our Emma Grace is a barista sweeter than any drink or chocolate you'll find at ChocolaTea- and that's why we love her! She's an incredibly hard worker with the work ethic and brains to take her to the highest mountaintops. 


I am a chemistry major who loves all kinds of tea, but green tea is my favorite! My favorite tea at ChocolaTea is a mix of Lung Ching and lemongrass. 


Mars is an incredible ChocolaTeam member, he helps whenever and wherever, and always goes above and beyond for our customers and for his fellow ChocolaTeam members. 


Jonni is always willing to help out. She's obsessed with Peachy Keen green tea, and Studio Ghibli movies. She sweeter than chocolate, and maybe just as feisty! 


I currently study education at Loyola. I'd love to become an English teacher!

Favorite ChocolaTea drink: Cloud 9 with Almond Milk


I am a student at Albion and I love Harry Potter!

Favorite ChocolaTea drink: I Never Promised You with Lavender Tea

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